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Anonymous: How are bees treated when humans take honey from them? I can't imagine they'd be abused/mistreated.


Primarily, like any animal product, honey is exploitative. Beings who are exploited for profit are never treated well. Honey does not belong to us, about a  teaspoon of it represents the lifework of an individual bee. It is simply not ours to take. 

As for treatment, common practices in the honey industry include, but are not limited to:

  • To prevent the queen bee from leaving the hive, honey producers sometimes cut off her wings.

  • Often, queen bees are artificially inseminated.

  • Large commercial operations sometimes take all the honey instead of leaving enough for the bees to get through the winter. The honey is than replaced with a cheap sugar substitute.

  • Most beekeepers remove all the spring-season honey.

  • In colder areas, some bee keepers will burn the beehives, killing all the bees inside, before the winter starts to reduce cost.

  • Bees are often killed or harmed by haphazard handling.

Bees are extremely intelligent, and well aware of what is going on around them. We know that honeybees process massive amounts of information about flowers, locations, and the behavior and physiological status of other bees in the hive, not to mention their ages, weather, and the seasons. They aren’t senseless automatons whose needs and preferences don’t need to be taken into account; they too are living beings. With a whole host of cheap and easily acquired products to replace honey, we don’t need to invade their nest, cut off their wings, relocate them, and subject them to toxic pesticides, environmental stress, diseases and infections; just so we can eat what they produce. We shouldn’t be selective in our compassion, all animals have rights; no matter how small.

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Happy six months and one day 
I’ve never really made a post about you, mainly because I cannot describe you accurately, you’re so uniquely you, but here goes. 
18 years to the day. You’ve made it, you’re of legal age, we both made it. We’ve been through thick and thin, to hell and back again, and we’re still going strong. 
You’ve always been there for me, and I’ll always be here for you, even when I’m gone my spirit will hold your hair whenever you’ve drank too much, or be an angry vegan when you can feel it well up inside. Always.
We’ve had some bumps in the road but we’re past it, we know better. 
And hey, you’re 18, you can get shit faced with me in pubs and clubs now (: 

Our adventures will never end !

I want to slit my wrists open for the whole world to see the sadness that runs through my veins.